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Latest casino bonuses – We got them

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Latest casino bonuses and offers – the complete guide

In everyday speech, latest casino bonuses mean a kind of reward for something, like the icing on a cake. In the context of casino gaming, you can describe the latest casino bonuses as rewards (and a virtual payment) from the gaming company, although you do not always have to do or perform something to get it. In such cases it is merely a gift from the gaming company. And an incentive to keep playing at their online casino site.

The most common latest casino bonuses are the deposit bonus you get on your first deposit, but it is becoming increasingly popular among the casinos also to offer bonuses without a deposit. This is of course due to the increasingly fierce competition among casinos online and that players know about it. To attract new customers, many of the latest casino bonuses must offer something extra. Many gamblers no longer want to make a deposit before they try the gaming site, so we would instead try it in advance for free to be sure that we really liked the site before we risk our own money there. This is something that more casinos have realized, and therefore many of the latest casino bonuses give you a chance to play casino for free before making any deposit. 

Latest casino bonuses are often referred to as extra gaming money

In all cases, the latest casino bonus means that you get ”extra money” to play for. However, there are a few things one should pay attention to, to avoid misunderstandings. What applies to certain kinds of latest casino bonuses are described either in terms and conditions for your latest casino bonuses or also (often both) in the long texts about general terms and conditions. You should read these terms and carefully, before registering anywhere. Different gambling sites have different requirements. 

How to find the best latest casino bonuses

The latest casino bonuses can be given to players for various reasons. They can be so-called welcome bonuses, or registration bonuses, which you get when you register as a new player on a gaming site. Often you need to deposit money, this is a prerequisite for obtaining these kinds of latest casino bonuses. The welcome bonuses are also called deposit bonuses. The aim of these is just to get started with your gambling but with some extra cash.

Often, but not always, the latest casino bonuses types are combined with some free spins on slot machines. Sometimes you have to contact the casino actively, so your latest casino bonus is activated. It can also be about bonus as a reward for performing something; like you played a certain number of times on a particular game; played for a certain amount of money; deposited a certain amount of money on the game account and so forth. Reload bonuses, you can get your hands on if you replenish your game account with new deposits. 

Latest no deposit bonuses

Rarely, but it occurs, a player can get the latest casino bonus as a gift. This usually happens in connection with a promotion, or just because the gambling site wants to attract new players. In this case, it can be enough to register, without depositing any money. But, be aware that these kinds of rewards often come with hefty wagering requirements. 

Free Spins

Sometimes bonuses, as mentioned before, also appear in the form of free spins and they can basically be any of the above mentioned latest casino bonuses, but given in the way of Free Spins on slot machines, instead of being in the form of a certain value on your game account. 

Limited time bonuses

A particular type of latest casino bonuses is the one that is timed, where you get an amount to play for as much as you can during a certain period of time, e.g., 1 hour. These latest casino bonuses often amount to quite high amounts. When you become a member of an online casino that offers such a bonus, you usually receive up to 1000 euros, dollars, or equivalent, directly inserted into your game account.

However, while your bonus is activated, a timer will also start running. It is customary for it to be set to 60 Minutes. Now your task is to play as much as you can in the 60 minutes to try to spin together as many big wins as you possibly can. If you do not win anything, nothing happens. You have played for bonus money, and you have lost bonus money, and you’ve had an exciting hour of fun!. If you want to continue playing, you must make your own deposit (for which you can get the gambling sites latest casino bonus).

If you have a positive result after 60 Minutes, you will be allowed to keep your profit money, but you can not withdraw them to your bank account. The winning money is counted as bonus money and must be wagered a certain number of times before they become withdrawable. Besides, the online casino usually requires you also to make a matching deposit of your own money and also meet the wagering requirement for this cash.

What is the catch? Well, if you can now see a maximum amount for the bonus as a catch. Should you win many thousands of euros during your 60 minutes of free spins, you will not be allowed to keep everything. There is always a ceiling of how much bonus money you can earn. 

New Deposit Bonuses

A new deposit bonus is a casino bonus that is linked to a deposit you make, and it can be fixed or have a cash match percentage. The most common is the one with a cash match percentage. This is a bonus where the casino gives you the same amount in bonuses that you deposit (100% bonus). If you deposit €100, you will then get the same amount in bonus, and you will thus have €200 to play for. Not bad right!?

A fixed deposit bonus is automatically given to you if you deposit a certain amount of money. Like if you deposit €100, you will receive €50 in bonus. If you deposit less, you will not get a bonus at all, and even if you deposit more money, you will not get a bigger bonus. In this case, it does not matter if you deposit €100 or €200, you will still only get €50 extra to play for.

A percentage deposit bonus works in the way that when you make a deposit, you get a match percentage bonus up to a specified amount that can be €100, €500 and in some cases even up to €5,000. There are

also percentage bonuses without any upper limit. These are, although, rare.

It is common that when you make your first deposit at a casino, you get a percentage deposit bonus, such as a 100% or a 200% match. At some casino sites, the welcome package extends over several deposits, such as the first four deposits. The best latest casino bonuses are often at 400-500%, but the max amount is usually quite low. On the other hand, you can deposit a small amount of €10 and get a full €40 in cash to play for.

It is common that even existing members can take part in different deposit bonuses. Rarely, these bonuses are over 100%, but usually 50% or lower. Some casino sites have recurring offers, such as getting the latest casino bonus on your first deposit every week. Other casino sites only have offers for limited periods. Regular bonuses make it easier for casino players to use their gambling cash long term and for the casinos, it can be an advantage, as players know that they can get the latest casino bonuses at a particular time. 

High-roller bonuses

High-roller bonuses mean that players who wager big money and therefore also deposit large sums into their game account receive a certain percentage of the deposit as a bonus. The percentage is lower than a matched bonus, but the amounts in cash are much higher.

Monthly bonus

Then what is ”monthly bonus”? Merely the latest casino bonuses that online casinos awards every month, with or without a deposit.

Latest casino bonuses – Codes

Latest casino bonuses codes usually consist of a combination of letters and numbers that gives the player a particular benefit when the latest casino bonus code is used. These codes are available in all industries, but they are especially common online when it comes to e-commerce and especially on online casinos where different bonus codes are used to activate bonuses, free spins, and other benefits. On the later, however, many casinos have stopped using bonus codes, and you instead get access to various offers when you create an account.

Two different types of bonus codes

The most common form of bonus code is the one that is general and applies to all players at an online casino, both those who already have an account and new players. Such latest casino bonus codes facilitate the casinos when they have many different latest casino bonus offers so they can link each offer to a specific code. There are huge online casinos, which use generic bonus codes because they usually have many different active offers. These offers might also come from tv- commercials, social media or other forms of communication. So, a specific bonus code can also be used to measure the success of a commercial campaign.

Exclusive codes

Another form of bonus codes is those that apply to a specific group of players or individual players. Such casino bonus codes are exclusive and refer to a time-limited offer in the form of a deposit bonus, a Reload Bonus, free spins offer or similar. The advantage of these bonus codes is that the casinos can premium selected players or attract some players who may not have made any deposit before.

Exclusive bonus codes are usually sent out via email or SMS but are sometimes also presented on player’s accounts when logged in. The reason is, of course, that they should not be available to everyone, which, of course, can be a problem sometimes. Some players pass on codes to their friends. This is most likely one of the reasons why many casinos have stopped using bonus codes. 

How to use your latest casino bonuses codes

There is no standard when it comes to bonus codes. Some casinos choose to use codes while others do not. There are also no rules governing which or which benefits or features a bonus code should activate. It is just free for the online casinos to use bonus codes as they please.

Using a latest casino bonus codes if you get one isn’t harder than filling out a small form in the online casino, usually on the deposit page. Most often it is clear where to fill out the code. As soon as you activate the code, you receive the reward, if you have met the requirements and have made a deposit. It can also be about wagering a certain amount or any other similar activity.