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About us – Casinohoneys

Casinohoneys is the website originally based of the well-known live casino stream “Casinohoneys” on Twitch. We saw a need for a broader channel with the ability to write more consequent, detailed information and therefore created the Casinohoneys website. Here we provide you with reliable information about what’s new in the casino world and also give you the opportunity to play at some really good, safe casinos. Our lists are produced with you as a customer in mind, so we hope you like and stay in touch with our site. You can read more about us on twitch or contact us through Facebook. Have a nice day!

    Who are Casinohoneys?

    We are a live stream, website and social media channel. We connect with all types of casino players on these different channels to have an easy accessible online casino community. As a casino player today it is always important to keep an eye on the best bonuses, which is not always so easy to keep track on with all the radio and tv commercials. Here at Casinohoneys you will get updated with the latest casino bonuses, new casino sites and slots, how our casino run is going and on the blog you will get daily updates. What welcome bonus suits you the most? Are you a no sticky bonus player or do you prefer to go with a big sticky bonus – we have it all. Casino is a fun and thrilling sport, anything can happen in one spin and even as an experienced casino player there are slots that you perhaps have not tried that has a great win potential. The slot reviews will help you out in finding what slot could work for you, sometimes the greatest wins come from stepping out from the comfort zone and trying out something new! If there are any slots you would like to see reviewed you are very welcome to contact me with a request to try it out. Don’t forget to check out the casino blog if you are interested in following my journey of how the gambling is working out for me and any great big wins during the weeks. Best of luck, let’s spin it to win it!