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Christmas Raffle

Go to this page to join the Christmas Raffle Giveaway ending in the end of December. 5 awesome packages to choose from with everything from cash to Swedish candy packages. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Raffle Prizes

Here are all of the prizes for the christmas raffle. 5 prize packages that will be raffled to 5 people that joined the giveaway. Read the rules and facts below.


Christmas Raffle rules

To be eligible for the giveaway you have to make a deposit at one of the eligible sites, all casinos linked on this page (the Christmas Raffle post) are eligible and will be listed down below. Links to the eligible casinos are at this site, click one of them and remember to not have adblock active. After you have made your deposit and registration fill in the form below with your name and twitch name, email, which of the casinos you’ve deposited on, home adress and full name so that I can ship the products.

Maximum tickets are 5. This means that if you would register on five sites you will have five tickets for the raffle and a bigger chance to win in the wheel decider. Latest time to join the giveaway is December 28th. Draft will be made the in the end of December (exact date will be announced soon).

1st place gets to choose any of the 5 packages, 2nd place will get to choose any of the 4 packages left, 3rd place will get to choose any of the 3 packages left and so on until the last aka. 5th person gets the package that is left.

List of casinos eligible for the giveaway

Casimba, Dream Vegas, CasinoJoy, Spela, Frank & Fred, LuckyCasino. Remember to click the link on this site or at my live stream without adblock so that I can see you were refered by me.

How the raffle will be made

The raffle will be made with the wheel decider in the end of december (exact date coming soon). If you have 1 ticket your name will be written once in the wheel, if you have 2 tickets your name will be written two times in the wheel and so on.