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Terms & conditions for playing casino online

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Claiming casino bonuses is undeniably a good way to increase the excitement and chances to do a profitable cash out. These bonuses will more or less always come with a few limitations, in other words terms and conditions. It’s partly about rules that has to be followed, but also about demands that has to be fulfilled before you can make a withdrawal. These terms and conditions can vary from one bonus to another and that is why it’s always important to read them through. Down below you will find an explanation of the most usual terms and conditions you will encounter, which includes wagering requirements, games not allowed to play and limitations on the maximum allowed bet.

General terms and conditions

Wager Requirement

A wager requirement means that the bonus amount that you received needs to be played through a certain amount of times before the bonus amount turns into real and withdrawable money. At free spins it is your win amount of the free spins that the wager requirement is based upon. Usually this condition has to be fulfilled within a certain amount of time to not lose the bonus amount. An example of a relatively common wager requirement is 40 times the received bonus amount. This means that if you have received 10 euro extra in a deposit bonus or won 10 euro from received free spins, you have to bet 400 euro in total (10*40) before the money becomes your own. It is important to know that the wager requirement sometimes only applies for the received bonus amount, but other times also includes your deposit. There could also be a time limit on when you have to wager so keep that in mind. More details about wager requirement here.

Forbidden slots and other games

Besides games that does not contribute fully to the wager requirement, it is common that it exists a few games and slots that are forbidden to play with an active bonus. These forbidden games are commonly videoslots, of which excluded such has been based on how the slot machine works. There are certain games where it is possible to build up a value in the slot machine, which leads to a reward that triggers if you reach a certain point or decide to trigger it yourself. With these games it would be possible to avoid the wager requirement to build up a value for the bonus money and later on take part of the reward as real money when the bonus balance has been completed. To avoid that players exploit this, the slots where this can happen are usually forbidden to play with a bonus. It also occurs that videoslots with a very high theoretical back pay are excluded, such as Blood Suckers. To be certain of that slots you may and may not play it is always important to read the terms and conditions for the casino.

Maximum bet amount

A term for a maximum bet amount is not as common to encounter like the terms and conditions above, but it does occur often within all types of casino bonuses. This means that you’re only allowed to bet a certain amount per spin when you have an active bonus. Generally this amount is a relatively high one and nothing that the majority of players has to think about. If you specifically enjoy to play for higher bets it is very important to be aware of this.

What happens if I break the terms and conditions?

It doesn’t necessarily need to happen anything. But there is always a risk that you lose your entire winning. The honest and safe casinos want to keep their customers and the bonuses are there to give a better value for you as a player and a better casino experience. There are on the other hand dishonest casino players that does everything to find loopholes and to use offers in the wrong way, which is the reason that many of these terms exists.