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What is a No Sticky Bonus?


What is a No Sticky Bonus? One of the most frequently asked question to us at Casinohoneys but also generally in the online casino world. To break it down in to an easy understandable text we will explain how No Stickys became a thing, how it works and what the advantages are of it.

The No Sticky Bonus – Explanation

Something that has become increasingly popular within the Casino business is to offer their customers No Sticky bonuses. As a player it is one of the best bonuses you can retrieve to greatly increase your chances against the casino. If you’re not sure what a No Sticky bonus is, it works exactly like a regular welcome bonus except that if you win with the cash deposit of the balance, that will say your own money, you can make a withdrawal directly and skip the wager requirements on the bonus. Let’s say you play with a 100% No Sticky bonus and win a lot very early on the bonus – you can withdraw without having to wager the money that you’ve won. In other words, it would be just like you just played with raw cash. However, if you would dip in to the bonus balance the wager requirements apply as usual.

The Parachute Bonus

The No Sticky bonus is also known as a “Parachute bonus” or sometimes “Lifeline bonus” which makes the concept even easier to understand. The bonus only works as a life line. You play with your own money first and if you lose them the casino gives you extra money to play for with wager requirements. So, to break it down into pieces. Your deposit and the bonus are separated from each other. As long as you don’t reach your bonus balance you will not have any wager requirements and can remove the bonus balance when you wish to, to cash out your winnings. As soon as you dip in to the bonus balance your wager starts and you have to wager the full amount before you can withdraw. Easy as that!

Getting more popular

The No Sticky bonus type has become increasingly common lately. This is a result of the casinos noticing that a big amount of players thinks the wager requirements of a regular bonus are tough and that it feels like their own money gets tied up. The No Sticky bonus showed up and has developed to be lots of players preference. No Sticky bonuses (parachute bonuses) are very beneficial especially for new casino players and since you won’t get any wager requirement on your deposit you should always take these bonuses when you are offered from the casino whether if its 50% or 100% extra.

Down below we have listed casinos with No Sticky bonuses with today. Best of luck!