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Big welcome bonuses with good wager requirements


Are you searching for the best casinos with big bonuses and good wager requirements? You have arrived to the right place. Down below we list the casinos with great bonus offers and low wager requirements. If you are unsure of what a deposit bonus is, read more to find out more about sticky offers or go straight to our top list below to play on our recommended casinos with low wager requirements.

How the deposit bonus works

A deposit bonus gives you a reward credited to your casino account when you deposit money. This reward can be extra money to play for, a certain amount of free spins or a combination of both. When the reward is extra money the bonus amount is often based on the size of your deposit, of which there is a roof on how big the bonus amount can become. The two components match percentage and maximum amount are the foundation of casino bonuses. You have most likely seen this arrangement before, a match percentage number up to an amount of cash. Scroll down below where we give you two different examples on these types of deposit bonuses.

First example – 100% Bonus up to €100

To make it easy for us, let’s take an example of a 100% bonus up to €100. 100% is the match percentage and €100 is the maximum amount for the bonus. So far, so easy. You will get 100% extra money to play for, which results in the same amount as your deposit, but not more than €100 extra. If you deposit 50 euro you will retrieve another 50 and get to play for €100. If you deposit 100 euro you get another 100 (the maximum amount) and can play for €200.

Second Example – 200% bonus up to €100

Let us do another example: 200% bonus up to 100 euro. Actually just as easy. But as a beginner in the casino world you might have asked yourself the question “What does the 100 euro mean? Is it on my deposit or is it the bonus itself?”

The answer on this question is that the bonus is saying that 100 euro is the maximum possible bonus amount. If you want to get the maximum bonus in this case you would deposit 50 euro, to get 200% of the casino, that is 100 euro which also is the maximum amount. If you would deposit 80 euro you won’t get more in bonus than when you deposited 50 euro. This may seem obvious, but in our experience it is not crystal clear to everyone.