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Casinos with Bank ID

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Lately many old and new casinos has been promoting Bank ID registration. It has definitely become a new trend in the casino world and if you want to know more about it this article will cover it. How does the payment, deposit and withdrawal work. What are the pros and cons with it and a summary of it all. Read more in this article to understand the new concept of Bank ID registration.

Bank ID Casinos – The new trend

In the end of 2016 the Bank ID feature was launched on Maria Casino and Unibet. The purpose of launching Bank ID was to improve the customers experience and improve the safety for the customers. Today, in October 2018 there are a lot of Bank ID casinos to choose from. Bank ID ensures a fast and easy way to gamble and all you need to do, to verify and prove who you are, is to confirm you’re playing on any Bank ID compatible casino in the app.

With regular or mobile Bank ID registration the player does not need to register with any password for the particular casino. Alongside the new method a lot of Swedish casinos has originated where the player doesn’t have to create an account, for example Hajper casino and Spela casino the player can start gambling immediately without an account. Both of these casinos are pretty new and all it takes is for the player to log in with his mobile or regular bank ID to get started. So the pros of the Bank ID casinos is a safe system, no registration is needed, the player doesn’t have to think of any password or username. Here you can find casino bonuses for MariaCasino, LeoVegas, Duelz and other online casinos with the Bank ID feature.

Mobile Bank ID payment

So, how does the mobile bank ID payment work? What is getting more and more popular is to log in on casinos online through bank ID. Not that many casinos are offering a log in through electronic ID’s but it is getting more common every day. This kind of identification is a sort of value document and the owner can use it to log in, approve payments, sign agreements with banks, authorities and also for transactions on casinos with bank ID.

It is very fast and easy to use bank ID to log in on an online casino. To be able to do that the player has to give his personal id number when he joins the casino. At some online casinos the personal id number can also be stated afterwards. When you log in through bank ID you simply click in your personal id number, when you’ve done that the bank ID you have installed will start and you may easily log in through the security code you’ve chose on your bank ID when you registered.

How to make a deposit

With the help of bank ID the player can deposit and withdraw money at the casino. To make transactions at a casino with fast withdrawals the player has to have a program on his computer or a mobile application with bank ID and that the player chose one of these as their payment method. Some online casinos support both mobile bank ID and regular bank ID which means the player can deposit money to the casino account immediately in a safe way not having to give out any card information.

If the casino doesn’t offer any direct support for transactions with the bank ID method the player may still do fast deposits to the casino. The player has to go through another payment method first, this could for example be Trustly. No additional fees or such will come through Trustly and the transactions go fast with this payment method.


What we definitely can see is that this method is here to stay when it comes to transactions and login on online casinos. This is clear since the method is very safe, fast and easy to use. To withdraw from your online casino can usually take different amounts of time depending on the payment method you choose to use. Many payment methods may involve additional fees. If you choose to withdraw money to you bank account through the bank ID method you won’t have to think about any of that. There is a few different casinos that has bank ID support which means you can deposit and withdraw money fast and easy.

Additional fees and other costs

All online casinos offer different transaction methods for the player to choose from. To choose the transaction method that suits you best you have to read about the different methods. If you want a transaction method free from additional fees you will find that in bank ID. What you need to do is to have an account in a bank that offer you this service. That could be a additional cost but it is usually relatively low compared to other payment methods.

Pros and cons

For the casino player that wishes to play anonymously bank ID is not a good method since your identification goes through the ID. There are on the other hand many pros by using this method. The login is very fast and smooth. The player doesn’t have to remember any username, password and all other information. This method also greatly reduces the time it takes to withdraw and deposit money online since no documents for verification of the player needs to be sent in.

There are though a few minor cons with this method. If it would be forced to use bank ID it can cause problems for the players that doesn’t want to share their information and that is currently playing with PaySafeCard or any similar method. Today bank ID isn’t that common on online casinos. The method is on the other hand becoming more popular every single day and will therefore become relevant on more casinos.


There are pros and cons using bank ID on online casinos. Identification of a player is easy but this can also be a drawback for some players that wish to be anonymous. The login is fast and smooth and the method itself is generally very safe to use. The player only has to remember the code for his bank ID and doesn’t have to worry about losing the username or password information. The method works perfectly in your phone as well. But for the bank identification method to work you need an app or a program and with that a relatively new unit for it to work.

To summarize it in an easy way: If you like a fast, smooth way to deposit and value fast withdrawals bank ID is a great method for you. If you on the other hand prefer to play anonymously you will probably want to use another method. Down below casinos with bank ID are listed for you to check out.