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I won the JACKPOT!


This weekend I had just started the stream, talked with my chat and went on to LeoVegas to play some slots. Me and the chat were discussing bee related slots since my name is casinohoneys so, maybe not so hard to get the connection. I searched for a slot with “bee” in it and ended up on Beehive Bedlam. Read more about it to find out what happened and watch the video.

Jackpot at Beehive Bedlam

I never imagined what was about to go down when I randomly started the slot Beehive Bedlam. I started the stream and chatted with the viewers before I logged in to LeoVegas and started scrolling around for slots. The topic of the chat was bee-related slots like Wild Swarm and such, and that made me want to search for more slots connected to the topic. I typed in “bee” in the slot search box and found the slot Beehive Bedlam. Went in, checked the pay table quickly to understand how the base game worked and quickly scrolled by the bonus and the “random jackpot”.

Jackpot win picture

Watch the video here