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Awesome win on Jammin’ Jars

Awesome win on Jammin' Jars

The 28th of October I had a really good run at the casino. I was getting some crazy wins and this was one of them which actually resulted in my biggest win in terms of cash so far and also my biggest cashout! I’ve also recieved a lot of youtube hits on the video that I will link in the post. Check it out!

Jammin’ Jars win

The 28th I started with a nice balance of around 1850 euros on Casumo. This because my stream the day before ended with an amazing bonus on Finer Reels of Life. This was actually my first time streaming during the day which felt really nice even though I am a night owl. I had tried Jammin’ Jars a few times before but I wasn’t impressed. Everyone else seemed to be hitting great wins except for me which made me blind to actually see the potential of the slot. But as many of you know I have a slot request wheel on stream every now and then. The slot wheel lets my viewers request a slot for me to play, I put the slot request in the wheel and then it spins in a random order. You can see a picture of how it looks below and if you wanna check it out you’ll find it at

Check out the youtube video further down!

wheel randomizer

The Youtube Video

I just started working on my Youtube account for a week ago and the Jammin’ Jars win was one of the videos I posted. I didn’t expect to get any sort of reaction but when I looked at it yesterday it had 1700 views. Now I looked at it again and it had over 5600 views! That was pretty shocking to see. The amazingness takes place in the later part of the video so have a little patience when you watch it.

You can look at the video here: My amazing Jammin’ Jars win

Here is also a link to my youtube channel:

screenshot of jammin jars.


So I start the bonus with 3 jars, they are building up with small wins and are at x8, x7 and x5 when another jar comes in and joins on the third spin. They are not really close to each other which makes me believe that it’s not going to be anything special and more likely a decent bonus. The top one is continuing to build up and is at x12 when the fourth jar hits his first win. Even though the jars still aren’t so close to each other the jars with x7, x2 and x13 multiplier manage to connect with some plums. This is on the last spin and the plum connection gives a win over 700 euros. After that the massive hit comes and the x3, x8 and x14 hits with 4 strawberries which brings a massive 2,688 euros. The bonus keeps on giving some wins over 200 euros and ends up on 4585 euro and then it stops. Like mentioned before, my biggest win on a bonus in terms of cash and not multiplier. Damn! It made my day.